Kowloon, Hong Kong – Honeymoon!

My watch tells me that the temperaure here today will be a high of 36 degrees and a low of 31 degrees – doesn’t sound like much of a low to me, but there again I am sat shivering in the ‘Horizon lounge’ which seems to be somewhere for business people to use computers and drink coffee at our lovely hotel. When I originally asked about going to Japan, Luke specifically asked if we could go in the Autumn to miss the heat as I jumped around telling him about all the robots and vending machine snacks I’d eat in Japan when we went. I agreed – I’d go whenever as long as I got to go. We wouldn’t see the spring blossoms, but we’d catch the beautiful leaves turning red instead.

Realising there might be somewhere he’d also like to go on ‘the best holiday ever’, as I was now calling it, I asked him. Luke’s dad used to travel to Hong Kong for work when Luke was little. He was going to discover what the land of cool watches and red silk pyjamas was really like for himself.

Luke did all of the bookings for this leg of the journey and while I did get asked whether it was OK to book this and that – his excited face and feverish search of the best hotels in Hong Kong four suggested that this was how he did his part of told me that I probabably how he wanted to do the ‘best holiday ever’, so I should let him run with it.

He did a great job. Everything is the best we can afford and it’s been lovely. Canary from guest services greeted us with a bunch of flowers, a huge smile and a complimentary photograph of the first day of our honeymoon taken in the lobby. She took us up to our room, though we were very early and checked us in up there, where there was chilled prosecco, chocolates and a card from the hotel congratulating us on our marriage and wishing us a great honeymoon.

We’ve been to the spa for massages, got up late for breakfast, got up early for ‘deluxe’ tours of Hong Kong island. We went on an evening ride on a junk to watch the Victoria Harbour light display, had (free) cocktails in the horizon lounge as we looked out across the beautiful view. We’ve been to the hotel restaurant for dim-sum with two Michelin stars. We’ve been to McDonalds to see how different it is and we’re staying in a beautiful room with an amazing view of Victoria harbour and Hong Kong. I enjoy using the binoculars provided in our room to look out at boats and people as well as measure the distance between my eyes.

The thing I hope to remember forever though is Luke’s relaxed and happy face when we first got here. He looked silly and cuddly, which is just how I like him. Unworried by whatever else was going on, happy to be somewhere elegant in a country he’d only ever imagined with me as his wife and lots to look forward to. 

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