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Leap Day

I’m a huge fan of odd holidays. My favourite is Halloween, but I also LOVE a good leap day.

It turns out there aren’t many traditions for leap day (apart from the proposal one), so decided to do things we wouldn’t do on any other day of the year.

I often see the sunrise on my way to catch a the train from Banbury to London, but don’t usually have the time to stop. Last week there was a full moon setting behind a hill to the West and the dawn breaking to the East. Also, it’s not summer yet, so dawn isn’t too early yet.

It seemed like a great time of year to catch both the rising and setting of the sun on camera. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, and leap day seemed like the perfect time.

I used my widest lens with the lowest aperture which is currently a 17mm micro 4/3 with an aperture of 2.8. I’ve only got a little bit of kit so far – you can see my current Micro 4/3 camera kit here or read more about the micro 4/3 (micro four thirds) system here.

I used Luke’s tripod which has legs that you screw to adjust the height. I wasn’t keen – when your fingers are cold it’s a fiddle to adjust, so I’m looking at getting something with the quicker release clips on the legs like this one from Manfrotto which has ‘patented leg selectors’, although I’ll probably opt for something cheaper depending on how it fits with my kit philosophy.

To be honest, the best pictures I caught were the ones of Luke while I was facing away from the sunrise – the light was soft, but I hadn’t framed any of them, so they aren’t amazing.

For sunset we went to a view that we both love. When drive home from work, the view suddenly appears in front of you with the sun setting to the right.

Unfortunately, it was so cloudy we couldn’t even see the sun, so the pictures were mostly just badly lit pictures of each other.

I’ll have to use these pictures to benchmark against in 2020 when we get the next leap year 😉

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